Solar Charging Station

Solar Charging Station
Smart Charger
  • Emergency / Disaster Relief / Back-Up Power
  • Smart Device Charger / Laptops / Tablets / Cell Phones
  • Marine Dock Power / 12v Battery Charger
  • Outdoor Dining / Cafe’s / Table Top Plug-In
  • Tailgating / Camping
  • Promotional Booths / Art & Music Festivals
  • Sporting Events / Outdoor Events
  • Powers: TV, Stereo, Refrigerator, Fans, Lights, Etc…
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot Capable
Solar Charging Bench
Solar Bench
  • Smart Device Charger / Laptops / Tablets / Cell Phones
  • Bus Stops / Public Spaces
  • Parks / Trails / Campgrounds
  • Sports Arenas / Outdoor Venues
  • Charges Electric Wheelchairs
  • Powers Portable Tools / Battery Packs
  • Wi-Fi Capable

Pure Energy Solar of Gainesville Florida, manufactures two types of stand alone solar power charging stations and bus shelters.

Our Solar Charging Stations can simultaneously power multiple devices including phones, laptops, tablets, and power tools. They are constructed of heavy gauge aluminum and are designed to withstand intense weather conditions. The integrated battery storage allows for extended nighttime use.

The Smart Charger is portable for easy transport to events or can be permanently installed in a specific location. 

The Solar Bench is designed to be installed in a permanent location, it provides seating and more power storage.

We offer many customizations including  size, color and battery storage capacity. Please contact us, we can provide a mock-up and pricing quotes